Eastern Adventure Cycle Tours


  • Meet at BKK then accompany to Klang Rayong ”by van
  • Day1 Start cycling at Pra-sae, warm up and ride to minor road to see durian orchards, temple, waterfall and dam, end at Makham Chantaburi.
  • Day2 Warm your leg to climb the big dam ridge and ride near Thailand-Cambodia border road. You will see the beautiful lakes, Durian , Palm plot rolling hills then finishing at Trat coastal.
  • Day3 Roll around reservoir and timber plots and across port to ride at Koh Chang. Turn left to see wonderful scenic, terrain and Local livelihood.
  • Day4 Turn back to mainland and start at Klung Chantaburi. Riding via the most beautiful coastal road “Burapacholatit” and finish trip at Klang city. Relax and rest here before going back BKK. Tomorrow.
  • Day5 Come back to BKK by van

Distant: 533 Km. Elev 4,207 M

Day 1 114 Km/837 M Day2 156 Km/1,196 M

Day 3 104 Km/1,359 M Day4 159 Km/815 M

Duration: 5 Days 4 nights (4 ride)

Level: advance

Price: 30,000 baht only 1 Person

: 27,000 baht/pax (2 person up)

Including: Tour Guide, Helmet, Water, Food, Backed vehicle support, Travel insurance/Van service/Room service/12 meals in 5 days Excluding: Bicycle rental/Entrant fee/Alcohol drink